April 28th and 29th, TAP New York!

Mark your calendars! April 28th starts two days of TAP New York Craft Beer and Fine Food Festival in Hunter Mountain. This festival is from Saturday, April 28th to Sunday, April 29th and has become one of New York’s largest craft beer festivals. It is not just beer, but also great foods that pair with the taste of the beer. You will learn that it’s not just wine that compliments the flavors of food, but different tastes of different beers as well.

This festival is not about the corporate giants, but rather the people that pour their heart and soul into making a quality batch of beer. It’s about great friends coming together for fun, good food and what else? Some of the best beer you will ever taste. If you are from the area and have never been, I suggest you purchase tickets now, if you are from out of the area, plan to make a weekend out of it, it will definitely not disappoint.

Visit TAP New York’s website to purchase tickets and choose where to stay.

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