Village of Ellenville Property Tax Assessments Lead It to Seek Status as City

The Village of Ellenville is at odds with the Town of Wawarsing over assessed values and is seeking to achieve status as a city in order to complete a re-valuation.  As a Village, Ellenville cannot dictate the assessed values of properties contained in its jurisdiction and instead must defer to the Town of Wawarsing.  The Town of Wawarsing has not re-assessed properties in recent memory.

As a result, Ellenville is seeking to become a city in order to control its own destiny.  Village residents are not happy with property taxes that they feel are disproportionate and excessive due to ancient assessed values.

It will be an uphill battle for Ellenville to be granted status as a city since the last city that was incorporated in New York was Rye in 1942.  This is yet another occasion Ulster County where residents have struggled to keep pace with rising property taxes.

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