Hurricane Irene Devastates Ulster County

The video above shows an area just outside of the Village of New Paltz heading west on Rt. 299 toward Lake Minnewaska. Not even the tips of the large sunflower stalks that thrived in the fields alongside Rt. 299 can been seen due to this newly formed lake.

Needless to say, Ulster County was an area hit very hard by Hurricane Irene. Flood waters spilled over the banks of gushing streams and rivers and into many homes. Roads temporarily became streams. Trees toppled power lines and left many roads unpassable. Property was destroyed beyond repair. Some homeowners waited several days for power to be restored to their homes. Businesses had to shut their doors and homeowners were left with clean up or the prospect of having to relocate temporarily or permanently. Roads are still closed in some areas of the county.

The devastation left in the wake of the hurricane will be felt for many years to come. Areas that have been prone to flooding in the past were decimated and homeowners who never thought they would see water in their basement had their sump pumps running at full throttle or were bailing out their basement by hand.

Undoubtedly, the storm and resulting damage will have a huge impact on the Ulster County Real Estate market for sellers and buyers alike. In subsequent posts in the coming days, we will elaborate on some of the impacts on home buyers and sellers alike in our area.

Our sympathy goes out to all who have been impacted by Irene.

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