Panel Makes Recommendations for Traffic Congestion in New Paltz

A final phase of a three-year Department of Transportation and Land Use Project has yielded some recommendations to alleviate traffic in New Paltz and to promote smart growth. Anyone who has tried to get through Main St. in New Paltz on a busy fall weekend or during rush hour can attest to the need to take measures to alleviate the congestion. The panel recommended traffic roundabouts at key trafic sites and establishing a one-way portion of Main St. Widening Main St. was clearly not an option because it would entail tearing down buildings along the main thoroughfare.

New Paltz Town Supervisor Toni Hokanson pointed towards the Ohioville, South Putt Corners, and Cherry Hill neighborhood areas as places that might be able to accomodate future growth. She also pointed to an area on Rt. 32 South, to the south of the SUNY New Paltz Campus. On 32 North, she sees the potential to re-zone an area from the Salvation Army to Shivertown Road for mixed business high density commercial and residential use.

Suggestions to ease traffic also included making a connector road from South Putt Corners Road to Rt. 32 in order to give an alternate route to SUNY. A shuttle running from the I-87 Park and Ride to the village area was also mentioned as a possibility. The citizen advisory committee will finalize its recomendations on November 9th. The town and village of governments will then vote to accept the findings and make a determination on implementing some of the recommendations.

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