The Importance Of Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

There is much to be said about curb appeal, and how it affects the sale price of your home and the length of time that it remains on the market. Most people decide within the first thirty seconds of arriving at a home to view if they are interested in buying.

That’s right, thirty seconds. First impressions are everything! A potential buyer will determine if they are attracted to the house in that short of a time frame, and subconsciously determine if they will make the purchase. Of course, there are always people that are swayed by the interior and amenities, but for most, will base their initial decision on what a home looks like when they first arrive for a viewing.

Curb appeal no longer just applies to when buyers arrive at a home for that first viewing, instead, it applies to the first time buyers see the home. Years ago, there really wasn’t much difference between the two statements. But today, with the advances in the internet and marketing, with additional tools available to buyers, such as picture galleries, virtual tours, slideshows, etc., a buyer is able to get a look at the property and determine if they even want to schedule a viewing.

We’ve all been there, whether you’re putting your home on the market, going through spring cleaning, or frantically preparing for company. You put a lot of hard work, time, effort, and even money into making your home look its best. And when listing your home for sale, you want to make sure that’s all conveyed in the pictures that’s used in marketing your home.

Capturing the Very best Images

SUlster County Homesellers that are looking for an edge over other sellers in the market must remember that they only have thirty seconds to make an impression. The most effective approach, is to work with your agent. This may sound simple, but is often overlooked. Many times, an agent will give some tips to the seller, such as de-clutter and depersonalize rooms in the house, clean up laundry areas, consolidate condiments in the bathrooms, replace light bulbs, rake leaves, etc. While giving this kind of advice is great, many times this advice is given to the owner for preparing the home for a showing, and many times, an agent may be in such a rush to get the home listed, that they start taking pictures right away, before any of the above has been done. Although the home may be ready for a future showing, the pictures taken may not display the home at its best.

On the other hand, a seller may think that by using the services of a real estate agent, that they don’t have to do a thing. In reality, a good real estate agent should first meet with the seller, go through the home and point out some improvements and/or changes that should be made. Work as a team, if the seller needs help, the agent should be able to provide some suggestions of local professionals that could help. Once the home is “show ready”, the agent should then come back to photograph the home.

Real estate in Ulster County NY comes in so many different styles and sizes that sellers must make every effort to attract a buyer. This includes using a real estate sales team, such as Murphy Realty Group, to help them create the curb needed to bring buyers to their door.

Selling the Images

Murphy Realty Group offers an in house professional photographer with experience in marketing and real estate, allowing for the perfect combination to capture your home at it’s best, and also market your property with maximum exposure. Sellers need a real estate team that understands the market, and knows how to drive buyers to their clients. This added benefit of using their service for real estate in Ulster County NY makes a big difference when it comes to selling your home.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact us today and see what an experienced, Ulster County MLS Top Producing real estate agent, and our comprehensive marketing plan can do for you.

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