Ulster County Homeowners Among Least Taxed in Hudson Valley

Tax Foundation released a report that rated 788 counties across the country on the amount of taxes homeowners are required to pay. The good news was that Ulster County was considered a lower-tax county when compared to other counties in the Hudson Valley and NY/NJ metro area. However, Ulster came in at the 57th most expensive county of 788 with a median homeowner yearly tax bill of $3,926. Westchester County was #1, Rockland County was #7, Putnam County was 11th and Dutchess County was 38th. It’s no wonder that downstate homeowners are moving north to get a break on their tax bills.

The counties were also ranked on the tax bill relative to the home value and the tax bill relative to income. Ulster County came in at 155th and 47th respectively on those measures.

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