Migration To And From Ulster County

I stumbled upon a very interesting interactive mapping tool from Forbes which plots migration to and from any county in the US.  The data was pulled from the IRS and is presented very nicely by Forbes.  Here is what the migration patterns look like for Ulster County.

Ulster County Migration

The red lines show migration from Ulster County and the black lines show migration to Ulster County.  Although this data is from 2008, the trends displayed here seem to continue to be applicable.

There are a few interesting observations I gleaned from this graphic.  First, the pattern of migration tends to favor movement from higher taxed areas to lower taxed areas.  The migration from Ulster County generally was directed to areas outside of the highly-taxed Northeast area of the country.  Even those that moved into Ulster County were coming from higher taxed areas like New York City, Westchester and Long Island, towards Ulster County (lower property taxes).  Although Ulster County is not the most highly taxed county in the vicinity, this data surely signals that we should be taking a harder look at how property taxes are acting as a deterrent for retaining homeowners in the area.

The second observation made clear by this graphic is that people moving from Ulster County are generally headed to warmer weather counties.  The most popular destination for former Ulster County residents is Florida.  Other popular destinations were North Carolina, South Carolina, Las Vegas, San Diego and the Phoenix area.   Movement to these warmer weather states and counties is consistent with retirees preferring a more moderate climate, a slower-paced lifestyle, lower cost of living and lower property taxes.

The influx of second home owners and full time residents from New York City, New Jersey and Long Island continues to fuel the real estate market in Ulster County.

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