Ulster County Property Taxes Lower Than Other Hudson Valley Counties

Census Data posted by the Tax Foundation revealed that median property tax amount in Ulster County was less than other Hudson Valley counties to the south.  Although Ulster County compared favorably with other Hudson Valley counties on many measures used in the study, it did not compare favorably to other counties around the country.  The study included results from 792 counties throughout the United states.  Ulster County, Dutchess County and Orange County received the following rankings in these property tax measures in the 2009 study (lowest ranking is least desirable):

County Median Annual Property Tax Amount Rank Taxes as % of Home Value Rank Taxes as % of Income Rank
Ulster County $4,129 59 1.68% 136 5.97% 45
Dutchess County $5,118 31 1.65% 142 6.15% 39
Orange County $5,677 21 1.86% 85 6.37 30

Based on this property tax data, Ulster County continues to be a great option for those looking to buy a second home or permanent residence in the Hudson Valley.  In particular, many metro New York and New Jersey residents purchase a home in Ulster County to escape even more challenging property taxes. Property taxes for Ulster County are nearly $1,000 less on average than Dutchess County–which is positioned directly across from Ulster County on the eastern side of the Hudson River.  Home buyers can get more home for their buck and can also enjoy lower property taxes in Ulster County than in Dutchess or Orange County.

However as I examined the full data, it was interesting to note that several counties in the US have very affordable property taxes–even some did not exceed $200.  It certainly is an eye-opener to see that the property taxes comprise around 6% of residents’ total income in the Hudson Valley.

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