Ulster County Real Estate Transaction Database

During my normal course of reading about the news online I stumbled across a helpful resource for buyers and sellers who might not have access to all of the tolls that Realtors® have at their disposal.  The Poughkeepsie Journal maintains a database of homes sold in the Hudson Valley region.  After executing a search it returns a lot of helpful information about Ulster County Real Estate transactions.  The database lists the town, address, date of sale, sales price, buyer, seller and even has a link to map the property.  Real estate transfers are part of the public record, so the Poughkeepsie Journal is compiling and packaging this information for the benefit of others.

The only drawback about the database is that is is a few months behind in Ulster County.  The most recent results are from the end of May.  Because of the lag in reporting the data, a Realtor® is still the best source for up-to-date statistics and more detailed information about properties that have sold.  Ulster MLS listings also capture a lot more data about the characteristics of the homes and properties sold.  Nonetheless, this is a tool that is worth using periodically to monitor transactions that might occur outside of the MLS.

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