What You Should Know About Calling the Broker on the Lawn Sign

Typically, buyers will tour a preferred neighborhood to see if they can spot real estate broker lawn signs in order to find potential homes to purchase. The For Sale sign that is planted on the property usually displays the listing broker’s name and contact information. Buyers naturally call the listing broker to request more information about the property when they see one they like. Information is provided by this company and this buyer sets up an appointment with the listing agency to see the home. Seems innocent enough, right?

You could be making a big mistake that will cost you money and put you in an unfavorable position!

Who does that agent owe their loyalty to? The main misconception comes when the potential buyer meets with the listing agency to see the home. Many buyers think that because this agent is showing them the home, she is representing their (the buyer’s) best interest. The opposite is normally true–the listing broker and listing agent have an obligation to work in the best interest of the seller. Anything that you discuss with this listing broker concerning your preferred price and terms will be shared with the seller–even and especially if the information will give the seller the upper hand.

So, how can you assure that you get the proper information about the home and that your best interests are being represented without calling the number on the lawn sign?

The next blog post will discuss what a buyer can do to enlist a real estate agent to work for them–usually without having to pay that agent for that vital service.

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